5 Game Industry Stories to Make You Smart and 1 to Make You Dumb

Here's your Friday recap of 5 stories to make you a smarter game developer - and 1 to make you dumber.

Red Dead Redemption1. Red Dead Redemption looks to be a big hit for Take Two. They moved 250K copies on the 1st weekend in just the United Kingdom. This is a win for Rock Star and Take Two, for while the company has GTA, those do take a bit of time to develop. Wall Street likes it when a company makes a profit every year.

2. Microsoft re-orged it's entertainment division because its been a disaster. Apple and Google are way ahead with smart phones and tablets (which are proving highly lucrative gaming platforms). The Xbox was the only thing keeping the unit afloat (and that's after sinking billions into it).

3. And the question is whether Microsoft's investment was worth it. After a bungled PS3 launch, Xbox has been the dominant player in this generation of console. But now, some analysts are predicting that PS3 will catch up to the 360 install base within two years.

4. Lean times are predicted for the next couple of years in the game industry, followed by eventual growth. The big losers will be traditional publishers, as the money (and high margins) move to online and casual games.

Mass Effect 25. Mass Effect has taken the first tentative steps towards becoming a film franchise. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to hit the metroplex but it highlights how big publishers like EA are looking to increase their revenue by aggressively licensing their IP to old media.

6. And finally, all-around good sport Jessica Chobot demonstrates what gamers really like (hint: it rhymes with "Loobies").

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